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Arba is a new blockchain platform for managing equity and capital raising


Over 90% of equity cap tables are incorrect because they are still being managed by paper or excel spreadsheets. 


The total funding under Reg CF grew by 267% from 2016 to 2017 which demonstrates investment interests in early startups.


With over $4 billion raised, interests in using token sales–a new funding vehicle for early startups–have spiked.

How tokenized ownership work

Tokenized ownership eliminates manual paperwork and third-party intermediaries by validating and recording every transaction on a blockchain. Tokens represent ownership and can be purchased and traded as securities.

The Arba Platform

Arba is a full-service equity token management platform. Arba helps companies tokenized their equity cap table, manages the processing of the solicited investors from login to capital received, as well as the issuance and management of the security tokens throughout the lifetime of the asset.

Cap Table Tokenization

Managing your company’s equity is time-consuming. Arba makes it easy and compliant for you. Our equity tokenization tool will allow you to gain back control over your company’s cap table.

Equity Distribution

DIistribute equity tokens to new co-founders, employees and early investors. Give your shareholders transparency and peace of mind so you can focus on your company’s growth.

Equity Token Sales

Fulfill your next funding round by gaining access to capital from the cryptocurrency markets and our network of accredited investors and broker-dealers.

Our Technology

Arba is built on a federated blockchain–an innovative hybrid approach that eliminates problems associated with today’s tokens that are built on decentralized consensus platforms.


Eliminate the inefficiencies of Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake, so transactions and account settlements occur in real-time. 


No dependencies on third-party, network or token. No contingencies that could result in unpredictable operating cost


Our protocol is designed to comply with the best practices for corporate capital structures.


All transactions are committed to a distributed ledger and is transparent, immutable and auditable

Our Team

Arba was founded by serial entrepreneurs and expert crypto-exchange operators.

Elsa Chan

Business Development

Antonio Gonzalez

Technical Architect

Victor Charles


Kevin Charles


David Thelander


Craig Iskowitz


Tim Frazzier


Daniel Strack


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